As a young boy, I would work with my Dad in the home workshop he set up in our 2 car garage. By the time I was in college at Penn State, I was building and leasing professional sound systems. These sound systems toured all over the country so they had to be especially durable to take the constant loading and unloading at the concert venue.

This early zest for quality and durability stuck with me and I use those early lessons learned - even today. Some of that old sound gear built in the 1980’s is still around and working 35 years later. No kitchen manufacturer that I know of uses screws to build cabinets and doors, but I still do. If you want your cabinets to last 50 years - glue and screw them.

My projects are “BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME” .

In my spare time, I am also a private pilot and flight instructor.  I create safety videos for the FAA and pilot population. All my videos are hosted free of charge on my ASV website. Keeping pilots and passengers safe is my way of giving back to the international community.


Alexandria, Virgina

Project photographs

Basement Remodel

Bar, Bar rail, Liquor cabinet

Wall mirror

Utensil drawer

Dividers & Laminate interior for easy cleaning

Bob Reed 


Assembling a Cherry Tall cabinet

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